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Session d'hiver 2011 dans les monastères gelugpa

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Winter Inter Monastic Debate Meet 2011
This year's Jang Gun-choe / Winter Debate Festival was hosted in Sera Monastery from November 16- December 1.

Around 8000 monks from 11 different monasteries participated in the Debate; the main participating Institutes were Sera, Drepung, Gaden, Tashi Lhunpo, Gyutoe, Gyudme, Rato and Dhakpo Shedrup Dhargeyling monasteries.

On Monday the 21st of Nov. Sera Mey Moanastery played host to the Overnight Debate; Sera Mey, Shartse and Loselingput questions and debated fiercely for an hour each with Sera Jey, Jangtse and Gomang who answered and defended their positions strongly. The ceremony was honored by JangtseChoeje Rinpoche -- 2nd in line to the GadenTripa - and Abbots of the participating monasteries.

The Jang Gun-choe or the Great Winter Debate of Janghas been an integral part of independent Tibet just as many other annual festivals typical of traditional Tibetan Buddhism. The Debate mainly consist of the earnest and most competent scholars from the Three Great Seats of Learning - Sera, Drepung and Gaden with additional scholar-students from TashiLhunpo-considered as the Fourth Great Seat of Learning then -- and the monks from the host monastery, Rato of Jang and hence the name (Tib: Jang, Gun,=Winter=Choe,=Debate)

Though the illegal intrusion and later invasion of Tibet by Chinese military force demolished monasteries in thousands and wiped out a number of Tibet's integral culture and the Tibetan Buddhism also faced a serious deterioration, much of these important heritages such as the Jang Gun-choe were restored and celebrated in exile each year without fail to this day.

The primary course of study during the Winter Debate is Pramanavartika (Tib; TsemaNamdrel) by AcharyaDharmakirti on subjects such as epistemology, valid cognition, dialectics and the Art of Liberation.

A daily program starts like this:
9: AM. Morning Debate for two hours.
6: PM. Evening IntercollegiateDiscussions for 1.5hr followed by an hour of individual debate with a mutual adversary.
9: PM. Late night debate for 2hrs. A number of serious students continue to debate to the wee hours of 2: AM.

Additionally an Overnight Debate was held on the last night of the 2nd and 4th week. Though the festival was traditionally held for a month, due to some forthcoming schedule it was shortened to 16 days this year.

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