lundi 21 août 2017

Le nouveau Lati Rinpoche

Reincarnation of Late H.E. Kyabje Lati Rinpoche Found | Facebook

 Vidéos de la cérémonie à Pokhara

We are extremely happy and joyful to share the auspicious news that the reincarnation of our late teacher His Eminence Kyabje Lati Rinpoche has been found. We share these pictures now as Rinpoche, Gyen Sopon-la, Gyen Dorje-la, Geshe Tanzin-la and the rest of the search team has safely arrived in Pokhara, Nepal. The team travelled from India to Nepal where they reunited with the holy boy, 5-year old Wangyal Dorje in his hometown in Mustang, Nepal - along the border between Nepal and Tibet. It has been a difficult and dangerous journey along the way, with a part of the journey where they had to walk 4 hours by foot! Journey wasn’t all easy but everything is worthwhile and very auspicious. The reincarnation of our dear teacher has been found! Below pictures and videos were shared directly by Gyen Soponla from Lati Ladrang who has kept contact with us every step of the way. Have a look at the beautiful auspicious rainbow sun phenomena on the day Rinpoche was found. Also we share some footage of the difficult journey travelling in / out of Mustang, Nepal. We cherish and are thankful for everything that the search team has gone through, praying that this holy boy, the reincarnation of Lati Rinpoche will grow up and become the amazing outstanding scholar and teacher just as his past life was, to benefit countless sentient beings and lead us along the path. May all be auspicious!!! We will share more news and updates in the next few days.

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