lundi 19 novembre 2018

Biographies des deux Tuteurs de SS le Dalaï Lama

The Life of My Teacher: A Biography of Kyabjé Ling Rinpoché
Wisdom Publications (11 juillet 2017)

“In Tibet, it was traditional for disciples to write biographies of their teachers. In this case, the student is the Dalai Lama and the teacher is Ling Rinpoche, one of the giants of Tibetan Buddhism in the twentieth century. It is a fascinating portrait, both of the education and career of a legendary tulku and of the epochal events that he witnessed.” (Donald S. Lopez, Jr., Arthur E. Link Distinguished University Professor of Buddhist and Tibetan Studies, University of Michigan)

“Touching, reverent and a meticulous record, The Life of My Teacher gives the reader a better insight into His Holiness's interests, priorities and character than anything else written by or about him.” (Alexander Norman, editor of Freedom from Exile: The Autobiography of the Dalai Lama)

“Though written in the traditional style of a Tibetan spiritual biography (or rnam thar), this particular biography of the great senior tutor of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Kyabje Ling Rinpoche, is unique in many respects. First, the subject of the biography as well as its author are both extraordinary beings. Second, it is the only such biography that the Dalai Lama himself has written, and it focuses on the teacher whom His Holiness describes as the “greatest influence on my life” and as his one true “rock” throughout the tumultuous historical times experienced both by the Dalai Lama and his people as they were forced to become refugees in the modern world. Third, the book provides a detailed accounting of the vast and continuous spiritual activities of the precious tutor, Ling Rinpoche. And fourth, it offers a touching portrayal of the behind-the-scenes interactions between a revered teacher on the one hand and his very special student on the other as the latter develops into a courageous religious leader on the world stage. This rare and oftentimes tender life story is a gift to us all. Its publication should be greeted with much rejoicing.” (Jan Willis, author of Enlightened Beings and Dreaming Me)

The Magical Play of Illusion: The Autobiography of Trijang Rinpoche
Wisdom Publications (2 octobre 2018)

"Not only was Kyabjé Trijang Rinpoché (1901–81) a tutor to His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, he was also the root guru of a great many of the lamas responsible for introducing Tibetan Buddhism to Westerners beginning in the 1960s. This autobiography—documenting his extensive learning and his tireless deeds disseminating the teachings he had mastered—will therefore prove inspiring and invaluable to those who have benefited, both directly and indirectly, from this transmission of insight. It is also highly recommended for the background it gives to this transformative period of twentieth-century history." (Jonathan Landaw, editor of Introduction to Tantra)

“Kyabjé Trijang Rinpoché, a rare master of all fields of Tibetan Buddhist learning, was one of the most influential lamas of the twentieth century. This beautifully written and elegantly translated autobiography reveals not only the vast scope of his enlightening activities but also the historical context in which they took place.” (Alexander Berzin, founder and author, Berzin Archives,

"Kyabjé Trijang Rinpoché, the junior of the two great gurus of the Dalai Lama, was universally recognized as one of the greatest Buddhist tantric masters to escape to India following the Chinese Communist invasion of Tibet in the 1950s. He was also amazingly humble and down to earth. His story is not only a personal autobiography but a glimpse into the beauty and wonder that was Tibet. It is a story filled with emotional peaks as high as the Himalayas and the emotional lows that came with the loss of homeland and subsequent destruction. A must read for anyone interested in Tibetan culture, history, and spiritual life." (Glenn Mullin, author of The Fourteen Dalai Lamas: A Sacred Legacy of Reincarnation)

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