vendredi 19 février 2016

Tale of Tibetans à Paris

Exposition de photographies et films de Dawa Drolma

21 février 2016 à 14h
10 avenue Jean Aicard 75011 Paris  

Dawa Drolma is Tibetan girl who was born and grown up in Kham Dege, Tibet. In 2000 she began her educational career at the age of ten, entering a local primary school in Dege. In 2007 she went to an English Training Program for Zhongzhuan degree in Qinghai Normal University in Xining. Currently she is pursuing a BA degree at Bay Path University in the U.S.A. She is fluent in Chinese, English and Tibetan. She is strongly passionate about Tibetan culture and traditions. Since 2009 Dawa was inspired and mentored by Dr. Gerald Roche, Elena McKinly, her former English teachers, and Dr. and Mrs. G.N. Appell, founders of the Firebird Foundation to work in cultural preservation and folklore studies since 2009. Her documentary films and photos about Tibetan culture have won several international awards in past few years. Her first book about Tibetan folk songs, Dzongsar, Silence In the Valley of Song, was published in 2012.

Documentary 1- Dzongsar Clay
Tibetan traditional clay sculpture has been passed down from generations. Dzongsar Clay is a short documentary film about Tibetan traditional clay craft in Dzongsar. Clay sculptures are the first step in making a bronze statue in Tibet. The local clay craftsmen build Buddha statues with a mixture of black muds while bestowing upon the earth a new life.

2015- Best Undergraduate Film Society of Visual Anthropology
2012- Frist Prize of International Crafts Film Contest –World Crafts Council

Documentary 2-White Lies
Tibetans describe yak as Nuo, meaning wealth refer to the animal as “wealth of the plateau”. Nothing from a yak is wasted. Even yak dung is valued. It is one of the major fuels for heating and cooking in Tibetan areas. This film is a story about the interdependent relationship between herders and their livestock. It shows how the herdsmen show their gratitude toward livestock with caring, songs, and praise.

2014 Second Award at International Mico-Film For University
2014 Nomination Award, at China Zhenjiang Xijindu International Documentary Film Festival

Tale of Tibetan Photo Exhibition
Folklore and stories of Tibetans

2015-Humanity Photo Award, Performance Award for Dzongsar Tibetan Horsback Shooting by China Folklore Photographic Association and World Folklore Photography Association.
22013 - Humanity Photo Award, Documentary Award for Tibetan Wall Building Culture in Dzongsar (Sman Shod) by China Folklore Photographic Association and World Folklore

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