jeudi 1 octobre 2009

Séisme en Indonésie

Les mots sont trop faibles devant de telles catastrophes...

Que dire ici, sinon : unissons nos prières pour les victimes.

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  1. Je viens juste de recevoir cette reponse d'un des indonesiens rencontré aux enseignement en Aout 2008 (a lire de bas en haut comme d'habitude pour la chronologie):

    Thank you for the prayer and May your good wish come true, please thank all your friends on behalf of me.
    Dharma friend,

    I'll just see the information that a huge earthquake strike on Padang, be sure that i and all the community will pray for all the people who died and all who lose someone in this terrible event.
    May they all come back as human and have the chance to find a lovely, compassionated and patient Master as we have
    May all the human live in happyness
    A Dharma Friend